Visit lengths: Initial visit is 75 minutes; following visits are 60 minutes

PIP/Motor Vehicle Accident insurance

Accepting Insurance plans below:

Regence BlueShield

Premera Blue Cross


To ensure a smooth process and avoid any surprises from the insurance company, I kindly request each of you to contact your insurance plan and verify coverage for:

  1. Naturopathic physician visits (and the allowed frequency per year)
  2. Manual Therapy (and the allowed frequency per year)
  3. Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (and the allowed frequency per year)

Please note that I am not using my massage therapy license (LMT) for these insurance plans, so all visits will be treated as naturopathic physician visits.

If I'm not accepting your insurance plan...

I am a provider who operates as an "out of network" practitioner, meaning that I do not accept health insurance plans. Instead, patients are directly billed for their treatment, and I can provide a superbill to assist with submitting a claim for reimbursement to insurance for naturopathic medical services. It is recommended to reach out to your insurance carrier to determine the specific coverage criteria and understand the associated out-of-pocket costs, as these can vary.

When contacting your insurance carrier, you may want to inquire about the deductible amount and the percentage of reimbursement for the following visit codes after the deductible has been met:

Diagnostic assessment for the first visit (CPT code 99201 - 99205 with or without modifier 25,)

Follow up visit (CPT code 99212 - 99215 with or without modifier 25)

Manual Therapy (CPT code 97140 with or without modifier 25)

Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) (CPT code 98925 - 98929 with or without modifier 25 or 59)

Electrical Stimulation (CPT code 97032 with or without modifier 59)

Therapeutic Exercise (CPT code 97110 with or without modifier 59)

Cash Prices

Initial Appointment

90 minutes


(Complicated case - $300)

Follow-Up Visits

60 or 90 minutes

$200 or $250


20 minutes


These price do not include other costs such as labs.

If you have insurance plan(s), inquire with Quest Diagnostics about whether they accept your plan for blood lab works.

Payment Options:

I accept cash, check, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), or PayPal.

Payment plan also available.

I am willing to consider a lower price for those in need. Please send me a message.

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